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My Brother's Keeper
2510 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Main: (513) 661-7700

Fax: (513) 661-1909

Contact: Contact
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Community Engagement Plan


My Brother’s Keeper welcomes community feedback and communication.  All agency-related questions and concerns can be directed to Tyra Black, Executive Director, via phone or email.  All inquiries and community requests will be addressed within 1 business day.   My Brother’s Keeper contact information is as follows:

My Brother’s Keeper, Inc.

2510 Harrison Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

513-661-7700 (Main)

513-661-1909 (Fax)  or

Agency contact information and instruction is available:

(a) Upon request to an individual.

(b) On My Brother’s Keeper website at:

My Brother’s Keeper ensures that all staff receive Community Engagement training at orientation and annually thereafter.  All staff are trained on the implementation of the community engagement plan and procedures for responding to incidents involving a child at the facility and neighbors or the police.  My Brother’s Keeper shall make every make effort to maintain good standing relationships with our neighbors and within the community. 

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