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My Brother’s Keeper is committed to person-centered practices and seeks to foster independence, help build relationships, and increase community inclusion for the client’s we serve. My Brother’s Keeper is a strength-based trauma informed care program that provides stabilization through predictable structures and routines, individualized goal setting, and positive behavior modeling and reinforcement. We believe that every client has a purpose in his community. By identifying interests and talents, expounding on strengths, and empowering our clients to reach their unique potential reflects a holistic and person-centered investment. We believe that such investments yield favorable outcomes for our clients, and thus the community. This understanding is the foundation of our mission “investing in children and families to inspire healthier communities”. 

Thank you for joining in our mission to support of our children and community.

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My Brother's Keeper

Life gets tough, as trials you face.

Let us lock hands, and run this race.

Never to feel alone, nor dismayed.

Your steps are ordered, your path is paved.

Stay on course, conquering ups and downs in between.

Your success and bright future have yet to be seen.

Trust the journey, as it's divinely gifted to you.

Knowing that people along the way, will help you through.

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

I won't think twice.

I am My Brother's Keeper.

All the days of my life.

Dedicated to my Kiddos

Love always,


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